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This 74 minute audio CD serves as a crucial learning experience for those interested in performing at their best, no matter what the conditions.
Yes, in order to become a champion, you must be more than a warrior, much more. You must lift yourself up to the level of Enlightened Warrior. You ARE capable of it. But, are you ready?

The Vision
Enlightened Warriors give themselves the permission to “see” great accomplishments.

The Mind Body Connection
You acquire “Performance Power” by assuming control of what happens within you. Warriors are tough. But Enlightened Warriors are strong. They possess mental discipline.

Active Focusing
Aiming attention on the appropriate target in the present moment increases effectiveness in whatever you are doing. Active Focusing serves as a primary weapon in the battle. You own the ability to develop and implement this skill.

The Battle
Consistency in performance is built on consistency in thought, consistency of emotions, and consistency of actions.

Practice Exercises
Enlightened Warriors recognize that mental discipline and in particular the power of concentration reflect true strength. They know there are no short-cuts in building these skills.